Madi Lane Mandalay

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An empress of love, power and beauty woven into one, makes Mandalay regal. Her design is effortlessly simple, softly curving around her feminine form creating an enviable silhouette. Thin straps plunge into a modest V back before she hugs the body and falls into a circular train. Mandalay offers her bride a suitably seductive V neckline which is softly rounded-out by a sheer layer of lace making her almost conservative. Mandalay has a lace like no other, with long leaves making a vine like pattern across her entirety, but it’s her sweet floral clusters sporadically applied across the gown which creates an enthralling touch. Mandalay while from the outside looks chic, her royal presence is unmissable when she makes a statement with a sheer cape edged with the same posies.